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IT Mathematics - Electronic Data Processing

Electronic Data Processing (EDP)

We cann manipulate, record, classification and to summarize datafor you. We perform also processing of data using electronic means such as computers, calculators, servers and other similar electronic equipment.

IT Mathematics - Network Applications

Network Applications

We provide a application running on one host providing communication to another application running on a different host. We help you to transfer data and communicate within a network.

IT Mathematics - Database Applications

Database Applications

We retriev for you informations from a computerized database. Thats mean, information can be inserted, modified or deleted which is subsequently conveyed back into the database.

IT Mathematics - Software Engineering.

Software Engineering.

We apply the principles of software engineering to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software.

IT Mathematics - Office Communication Applications

Office Communication Applications

We make easier for your team members to work together. We help yo to get the job done, as well as developing a sense of trust and increasing employee productivity.

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