IT Mathematics - General Terms and Conditions

1. Obligation

After signing the contract, we commit ourselves to keep the guidelines of the contract.
The contract can only be changed if both parties agree to it

2. Service Deadline

Service period is obligatory for both sides.
Only with understanding of both sides can change that

3. Delivery

We delivery our goods per E-Mail or Post.
The purchaser shall be obliged to accept the delivery.

4. Guarantee

The guarantee should be in the contract.
both sides should accept and respect this.

5. Prices

Prices depends on our services.
Prices within agreements cannot be changed by one party.

6. Payment

After receiving the invoice, the customer shall it pay within one week.

7. Retention of Title

Products ordered using our website are intended exclusively for the purchaser’s own use.

Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us.

If you have any questions please contact us

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